Jason Bonneteau and Michael Silver

Why Choose BPG

BPG has specialized in the group insurance industry for over 15 years. We have developed sound working relationships with the major institutions that provide employee benefits plans. We provide exceptional service to our group benefit clients throughout Manitoba.

With the shortage of talented skilled labour, many individuals are less likely to remain loyal to an organization that does not incent and reward their contribution. There may be increased absenteeism, less productivity, and low overall employee morale.

As well, in light of current financial constraints, many businesses may question the merit of implementing and sponsoring a group benefit or incentive plan. Often there is a notion that a plan would be prohibitively costly and not essential to the ongoing operation of the business.

However, studies have shown quite the contrary. Employers, who implement and share in the cost of a plan, demonstrate their concern for the well-being of their employees. Business owners also confirm an employee’s value to the organization and contribute to the employee’s sense of security and job satisfaction.

It is no secret that businesses with group plans attract and retain quality employees. The employees develop “ownership thinking” and a stronger work ethic which in turn results in less attrition and lower hiring and training costs.

At BPG, we take the time to build a customized plan based on your organizations needs. We work with you to find a suitable mix of benefits that will achieve just the right balance between your business objectives and your employees' needs.

As a cost-conscious employer you may consider a group insurance plan instead of a raise. You can provide your employees with a group benefits package for approximately 3-6% of your annual payroll depending on plan design. The cost to you the employer is a fully tax-deductible business expense.

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